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Materials, products, ingredients and the philosophy of '' Eco Hotel " offer the opportunity to experience the holiday in accordance with nature.

The rooms, outdoor spaces and even the atmosphere that surrounds guests from the first entrance to the hotel, tell undoubtedly the great attention towards environmental sustainability.

The daily commitment towards environmental sustainability has been awarded with the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation.

The highest label for the quality of environment granted by the European Community makes the Hotel Danila a virtuous example of sustainable tourism to follow.

Green Hotel Elba Island

Grander water technology

Our hotel adopts the Grander system for the vitalization of water.


  • increase the stability following a microbiological modification improve the taste
  • often turn out to be sweeter
  • can improve the aspect (clarification)
  • more freshness
  • can improve the growing of plants and beauty of flowers

Eco Green Hotel Elba Island

solar panels

Our great respect for the environment is also reflected in the attention that we reserve to the alternative energy sources.

Among the several initiatives in this regard, we would like to report that the facility is equipped with solar panels: an eco-friendly choice that allows us to offer a service to the expectations of our customers for a full respect of the environment.

The hot water comes to every room, in fact, thanks to the work done by the solar panels that heat the water and provide the maximum comfort in harmony with nature.



Ecolabel Hotel Danila

Our hotel is Ecolabel certified (EC Regulation No. 66/2010), the European ecological quality label that rewards the best products and services from an environmental point of view.

The label certifies that our hotel adopts solutions that allow for a reduced environmental impact.

Brand criteria

The criteria are divided into two sections: 20 mandatory, 60 optional.

Compliance with all of the 20 compulsory and some of the optional ones allows obtaining the mark, subject to verification.

The advantages for our guests

The presence of the Ecolabel guarantees that our hotel is committed to the prevention of pollution, that our choices take care of water consumption, that we use renewable energy sources and that we want to offer a healthy stay, based on local foods and products.

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